22 Oct 2011

HIV rapists – what next?

I’ve been trying to get out from behind this computer for the last 3 hours – then I get stuck again on this article in Newsday: Verna Warns of HIV Rapists. Verna St Rose Greaves is the Minister of Social Development and Gender. She is reported to have said WTTE, that the ‘..high incidence of rape, including gang rape, was horrifying.’ Oh – perhaps she’s been reading this blog of late.

But it’s not all bad news! Really. According to the figures she supplied of 215 reported rapes for 2010 – that translates to 16.5 rapes per 100,000 of population (assuming a 1.3M inhabitants). And here’s the thing, for 2009 the rate of reported rapes in England & Wales (in the UK) was 24.1 per 100,000, according to UN Statistics. Notice that at least I reference to some extent my sources.

Amazingly the 2007/8 British Crime Survey estimated that only 11% of victims of a serious sexual assault reported that assault to the police, while 40% had completely withheld that they had been assaulted. One may wish to wonder about the reliability of rape statistics on a godforsaken Rock where law enforcement is piss poor and conviction rates for serious violent and sexual crimes are pretty low.

The part solution to risk of contracting HIV by gang rape on the Rock is perhaps to walk with a supply of the strongest condoms on the market – and hope that if such small risk materialises, you may offer a condom and hope that mindless psychopaths will take a few seconds to put the damn things on before gang-penetrating you. How’s that grab you? No – you don’t like my brand of plain talk (aka frankomen)? You think I’m crude, rude and scaremongering don’t you? Hey – you don’t have to believe any of this and you don’t have to like me! You don’t have to do anything. You’re entitled to life on your fav Rock. You’re big enough.