14 Oct 2011

Just who is the real ‘sicko’ here?

I should know better than to surf a ‘Rock’ newspaper on a morning. I’m assaulted by a report in Newsday  'CREEPY FREAKY WEIRDO'! In essence they reportedly caught a teacher at Bishops Anstey High School (equivalent of a College in the UK), posting pornographic material of himself on his Facebook – by accident I should add, this discovery was made (according to Newsday).

Errh..umh..ahhh.. on 12th October 2011 we read that that the  Ministry of Education were investigating three scandals at three separate schools. These involved the use of Skype to stream porn, nude images of a teacher on a laptop, and a 15yr old (?female) having sex with a teacher. It’s possible that one of those reports alluded to the ‘sicko’ story captioned above.

My question is an obvious one – why did the female students at the school keep this man on their facebook at all? Were they coerced to keep him on? Did they derive some pleasure from engaging with images of his ‘half-nude’ anatomy? Was it simply for a laugh? Was it pure innocent macoshusness (or macovaciousness if you prefer)? Where were the parents when all this viewing of ‘half-naked’ bodies were going on – for three years?