4 Nov 2011

‘Runaway’ from common sense and virtue

The owner and contributors to this blog do not condone or promote viewing of pornographic material. However, it is asserted dispassionately that the proper evaluation of the form, content and intent of certain videos in question can only be undertaken by looking at the video material.

Over the last two weeks or so people on the Rock and in various parts of the world have been celebrating Anya Ayoung-Chee’s success at the Project Runaway contest. I – as many will expect – have been less than impressed. In fact I am ashamed again to be associated with that Rock or to think that Anya Ayoung-Chee would represent the Rock or its values. Some will know or think they know, what I’m going to say. That ignorant mind-reading ‘some’ may move on swiftly. Nothing cures them but direct pain and suffering. Some of you will see only ‘sex’ in this post; you’re so obsessed with sex – that you can’t see into any deeper issue that may be related to ‘sex’. I hope the rest of you can get past the issue of ‘sex’ and see the more salient issues.

Well, it should be no surprise that the impetus for my analysis is Anya Ayoung-Chee’s sex tapes, but not merely the ‘making of the tapes’. Immediately a majority of you will be thinking “Well, it’s her private tapes.. so what’s the big issue?” – as if to imply that I’m making something out of nothing. And another majority of you will be thinking, “Big deal, lots of women are making private porn videos – so what!” So in essence the defence of Anya Ayoung-Chee actions seems to rest on 1. It was her private tapes. 2. Everybody does it (i.e. it’s common practice). The important issues are whether those are facts, opinion or mere rumour. Today (4th November 2011), I summarised all that’s below and asked a very level headed English woman what she thought. I’ll give you that later.

I have searched the internet several times over the last few days to tease out the following issues:

  1. How does a private sex tape end up on the internet?
  2. How do we know that the tapes were ‘private’?

Before I take issue with the two main lines of argument for ‘the making of the sex tapes’ I want to say that I am very disturbed about what this whole issue means for young women on the Rock and in other parts of the world.

Private sex tapes

I want to put you in a zone of discomfort. I want to say that the vast majority of you in my estimation, haven’t evaluated the content and nature of the sex tapes. To be blunt you have not seen the content and form of the tapes. I assert that most of you have been led to think the tapes are ‘private’ and not designed for public consumption.

Where did you get those ideas from? Think carefully. I’m pretty certain, that it’s what you’ve been told. Perhaps it’s something you picked up in the media. And who’s given the story to the media that the tapes were ‘private’? Ahhhhh…. now you’re thinking.

Wyatt Gallery, the male involved in the explicit sexual acts – supposedly ex-boyfriend of Anya – was reported to say: “I feel horrible and embarrassed for Anya, her family and myself, because this was a private moment that was never supposed to be made public. This was an intentional, malicious sabotage against Anya and her career, and I feel stupid for not deleting the files off of my computer."

I had originally drafted this post with a link to the sex tapes. I have omitted the link for one simple reason. Google will ‘X-rate’ this site quite probably if I put such a link. So those who wish to evaluate the tapes for non-erotic purposes, may find them by Googling the following words ‘Xvideo Anya Ayoung-Chee’ – just like that (no quotes), and see what comes up. I am not encouraging anyone to look at porn – I’m simply saying if you wish to evaluate this issue properly there is hardly a way to do it without actually finding and looking at the videos in question.

Woooo..hooooooh… suddenly many will have an attack of an ‘over-developed’ conscience and will now be thinking, “I don’t see why I have to look at what wasn’t meant for me.. and what if it was my sex tapes would I want it out there and people oogling them?” That’s a very good question. Hold on to it. But note the assumption in your thinking that the videos were ‘private’ . You don’t know factually that they were private! Then you will argue, “Even if they’re not private, I have no business looking at porn – you perv!” Hey, I’m not forcing you to look at porn – and you need to stop being so judgemental. I’ve only looked at parts of these videos for seconds, to assess the issues I have set out above. I saw nothing sexually arousing in them. Those who are likely to be aroused or fearful of being aroused, are the true pervs in all this!

But some of you managed to pic out a few of the sex tapes in question from Xvideo. And whoops - many of you will have seen the intro picture of the video with Anya Ayoung-Chee holding on to an erect penis and about to perform oral sex on it – then had a sudden attack of fear, leading to you closing down the page. Others will secretly have gone further and skimmed through parts of these tapes and quickly came to a view that those are ‘private’ matters. And this is the point, you don’t see what you don’t want to see. You therefore miss the anal sex scenes in a well lit room, with another female commenting “Hot.. hot” – as being a display.. a production! Ignorance is bliss. Perhaps you don’t want to see this, because the real issue is that you don’t want anything to cause you to believe the opposite of what you currently believe.

However, if you are a person who thinks deeply and widely about issues you may wish to consider the following:

  1. The total duration of the tapes is about an hour.
  2. The scenes appear to involve another female. What’s private about that?
  3. In total, three people at least were involved in these videos. They took turns at filming each other.
  4. There is such a sense of confidence and lack of discomfort in performing these sexual acts in front of a video camera? One might have thought that for an intimate and private love scene that there would be more ‘hesitance’  or diffidence, especially with a camera in the room? But no – we see her/them playing to the camera.
  5. Isn’t there an obvious lack of emotional attachment in all of these scenes? If you think so, what does that tell you? That this is private and meant to remain private? You must be the most naive person on earth.
  6. Notice that she doesn’t gag when deep-throating down to hilt, on that rather large penis? Think about it. The natural physiological response is to gag! Go on try doing it with a banana or a carrot – stick it down your throat and see what happens. Any deep-throat experts out there want to educate us more on this?
  7. How does the video get from a computer out on to the internet? Does it just leap out of the computer? Hackers – that’s the one that Rock crawlers go for – without a shred of evidence that hackers had anything to do with it. Oh it was the boyfriend or whatever that done it?

Runaway sex tapes

Now I come to how these tapes ‘escaped’ the confines of their computer. It was reported in The Hollywood Grind that Wyatt Gallery – the male in question, in the videos – took the computer for repairs in Trinidad and the videos were stolen and therefore unlawfully reproduced on the internet. He reportedly said, “I feel horrible and embarrassed for Anya, her family and myself, because this was a private moment that was never supposed to be made public. This was an intentional, malicious sabotage against Anya and her career, and I feel stupid for not deleting the files off of my computer." So that’s how they got out? Well if you believe that utter nonsense, you will also believe that Prince Charles is my brother! Well, certainly Hollywood Grind doesn’t believe it and they say, “As for Gallery’s claim the video was stolen from his laptop when he took it to a Trinidad computer shop for repairs, we don’t believe it”.

Now I mean to stretch your brain to breaking point.

  1. What action has Gallery and Ayoung-Chee taken to stop these now illegally acquired videos from further distribution, from day one? I’ve seen no reports about them considering or taking legal measures to stop these videos from being reproduced.
  2. Surely Gallery would know the computer shop he took the computer to – and could engage Anya to sue the shop and any other organisation that reproduced those videos.
  3. Are there more videos? It is a fair point to wonder about, someone who is not in the slightest shy of deep-throating on  camera, could possibly have had much practise and possibly have made many more similar videos.
  4. For a person of previously proper character the damages to be settled in court could be in the millions – unless I speculate, there is more damage to be caused by suing. Think ‘breach of privacy’ and ‘defamation’. You may wish to think about Ulrika Jonsson case, where she went to court to block the release of a privately made sex tape.
  5. Could the whole matter have been dropped so as not to raise a hornet’s nest? What nest? Well, apparently the tapes were made before she took part in the beauty pageant. If so, any digging into the origins of the tapes – in a court say by defence lawyers -  was bound to cause real trouble. 
  6. Does ‘everybody’ make sex tapes – as we are lead to believe? I say that that is utter garbage, an attempt to trivialise the situation, and make light of very important moral issues.
  7. What percentage of couples make sex tapes? I don’t know and I couldn’t find an authoritative and reliable answer on Google.
  8. What about celebs and sex tapes? Well it seems that celebs are really big on sex tapes and many actually enhance their careers for producing these tapes.  See how Paris Hilton profited from her notoriety.

Having thought about it from all different angles I am unable to see that the sex tapes of Anya in the company of others were either private or not designed for eventual public distribution. I’m happy to change my mind if a set of reasons or evidence emerges that will compel me to think differently. My female English colleague, mentioned at the start of this article, blurted out, “She did it to gain popularity and enhance her profile”. I think that that sentiment is one shared by a body of opinion that is hesitant to say so on the Rock. Off the Rock, people are more open and honest about these matters, I suspect. I’m not particularly interested in her motives for doing what she did. 

There are bigger and deeper issues. Whilst these emerge from ‘sex’ or porn, they are not primarily about those issues. I assert that we must examine moral values in relation to sexual conduct. I’m concerned about the following general issues in relation to all women who would do similar. (The word ‘general’ is most important because I am unable to discuss A A-C’s personal situation. Just to be even clearer, my questions are not directed at A A-C even if some think they are.)

  1. What are young women to think about all this? Should they accept that sexual exhibitionism is a good and acceptable way to gain power and wealth?
  2. Should a women sell their souls by producing sex tapes?
  3. What kind of respect do men have, or should have for women?
  4. Do women of today collectively have a greater lack of self-respect and self-esteem?
  5. Are people who make sex tapes appropriate role models for young people?
  6. Is the accidental distribution of supposedly private sex tapes an new ploy to gain fame and fortune?
  7. Which self-respecting parent would be happy with such a disrespect for moral values and would relish seeing their daughter in such videos, or knowing that such videos are floating around out there?
  8. Which mother would be happy to bless their son to marry someone who has been in such a situation?
  9. Is it acceptable for a female prime minister, doctor or judge to be involved in making sex tapes, and allowing their distribution, under a guise that they were private and not for public consumption?

(I feel a need to re-iterate, that even if the impetus for the above considerations arise from ‘sex’ and porn' there are deeper moral and societal issues for consideration).