24 Oct 2011

Will the real racist please stand up?

Once more, the shit has hit the fan, regarding the ‘secret’ scholarships handed out by Joan Yuille-William (Minister) at the Ministry of Community Development during the PNM reign. And reign it was, whereby P**rick ruled over all like Lord and Master, giving secret instructions to ‘keep it quiet’, and rewarding party faithful with sums up to $500K.

It took a judgement of the Court from complainant Devant Maharaj to reveal that those benefitting from the (as it is now called) ‘slush fund’ were mainly:

  • from 5 major PNM controlled constituencies
  • closely affiliated with the PNM, either through family relationships or employed by PNM personalities
  • of a majority of a race commonly reflected as the majority of the PNM membership.

Note that it wasn’t just a matter of secret disbursement, but also of subsequent cover-up that forced the high Court action to reveal the facts now coming to light.

Devant Maharaj is now being branded as a racist by the PNM-till-ah-dead types on the newspaper forums. This started me thinking; is he really a racist?

Racist: n.      A person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

              adj.  Discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion.

Given the descriptors above, I fail to see how he can be described as racist for seeking information on disbursement of public funds.

First of all, it is not racist to want equal opportunities for your race. That is not the definition of being racist. Had he been wanting the promotion of his race, based upon already established successes, then perhaps. I see arguments being bandied that the majority of legal students and medical students are of Indo descent. Negros (I have explained my use of this word before before) have traditionally not done as well as Indos, since the Indo family structure has traditionally been to push children into education, sometimes harshly. So traditionally, Indos have done better in school, and achieved higher goals in education. Should we dumb down the entry qualification for Negroes to join medical school? I for one might refuse to have a black doctor treat me, knowing he might not have the ‘brains’ to learn properly, becoming a ‘duncey’ in the medical field.

Secondly, Maharaj exposed racism at NLCB where he was employed, practiced by his former boss (now mayor of PoS) Louis Lee Sing. That went all the way to the Privy Council, who agreed with Maharaj. Therefore, once again, how can he be racist for wanting equal opportunity and exposing underlying racism?

The real racism came from then Prime Minister P**rick Manning, who lost not one, not two but four cases at the Privy Council for treating Indo-Trinidadians unfairly, without rhyme or reason, or explanation. Not only that, but some of his overt actions resulted in the worldwide lowering of the country’s standing, one example being Monteil’s rip off causing a lowering of rank on the World Corruption Index.

Now, Maharaj has reputedly done some questionable things at the Port, of which he is line minister. But is he racist? Not in my opinion.