20 Nov 2011

The Jumbie’s Watch Android App

Always at the cutting edge, we present you with the official Jumbie’s Watch application for your android based handheld computing device (phone, tablet or whatever that runs android). Kindly replace your wallet or cheque book – it’s free! [You are responsible for your internet connection charges as usual]
Why this app? Cuz the app is only 110 kb, and puts you in instant contact with JW. No more having to load up a browser and then select a bookmark  for JW. Now you can just click our app once and you’re with us! How cool is that!!
There are two views each coming with full zoom functions, and auto-rotate. Yes and you can interact and post comments on the blog from this app.  Get it HERE! [To install transfer it to a folder in your phone, then click to install]
Mobile view Full site view
SC20111120-224847 SC20111120-225025