25 Nov 2011

Assassination plot - a real threat to nothing at all

Police Commissioner Gibbs has revealed that the assassination plot to do away with Prime Minister is real. And apparently the plotters are members of the police and defence forces.

A dozen people, including police officers and soldiers, have been held in connection with the assassination plot so far, Gibbs said.

Again, this reminds me that you cannot trust police dunceys. This should have been so obvious to those in the power matrix.

I have to admit that when I first heard of the story I did not believe. Just like our former Prime Minister, it is possible that this current Prime Minister hatched a plot to gain public sympathy. After all, things have been going downhill for this administration ever since it won the elections last year. Granted, the downhill slide is of its own making, through a series of "missteps".

There is an important question that remains to be asked:

Should we lose our Prime Minister to assassination, what impact would that have on the country?

My best guess is 'none'. As Robert Frost said, "life goes on". The anointed Moonilal will take over the reins, the country will mourn for a couple of days, certain sectors will celebrate while others will join the mourners, but at the end of it all it will have no impact on the economy, crime, the judiciary, Parliament, the transport system, the healthcare system, the civil service, the education system… In short, absolutely nothing changes.