30 Nov 2011

Plots and hoaxes: one and the same?

For some reason, perhaps only known to themselves the Express website refuses to allow me to log in. The Intense Debate system that the Express uses allows me to logon on different sites, the only exception being the Express. Therefore I am at pains to express my thoughts (pun intended) on the blog, one all and sundry topics that appear in that particular newsprint.

The Captain and I have been having a 'behind-the-scenes' argument regarding the that have lately been in the news. The Captain seems to think that issuing a detention order signals proof that the assassination plot is a real. My argument runs counter to this…

For one thing, I suspect that the Captain thinks that in order for a detention order to be issued, some evidence must be provided of the plot. I strongly suspect that this might not be the case. For one thing, the orders are signed by the Minister of National Security John Sandy. It is not signed by a court or member of the Judiciary. Therefore we have no evidence that evidence is presented.

To me it seems that any detention order is an order to hold a suspect without bail, possibly in special circumstances. Given the State of Emergency that exist at this present time it is likely that it is only to the deadline of the State of Emergency, that is Monday 5th November. If at that time evidence is not presented to make a viable prosecution then the suspect has to be released. Again, this is a counter point to evidence existing. When the state of emergency is over, there must be sufficient evidence to present to a court. Indeed, Minister John Sandy has said as much.

When the SoE expires, the police will either have to charge the detainees with an offence or set them free. Sandy also said the State has considered pursuing the investigations under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

"By then (when the SoE expires) we should have sufficient evidence to pursue the matter. If we don't, then they will have to be released."

Indeed, not because the authorities and here I include the Minister of National Security John Sandy, the Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, and various other members of this government, say that there is a plot means that there is actually a plot.

Given the increasing unpopularity of this government and all the misdeeds and missteps that this government has been making since the general election, some important "red herring" is urgently needed to take the minds of the population onto another topic. As I pointed out before, an assassination plot is a useful tool. From the comments on the forums of the local newspapers, it is quite apparent that most of the population believe that the assassination plot is a hoax.

*Forgive any typos; this post was dictated with Dragon Naturally Speaking software.