28 Nov 2011

Red herrings and assassination Attempts

As far as I am aware, since Trinidad and Tobago gained Independence from England, the only public figure assassinated in office was Selwyn Richardson. If the information coming out of that is to be believed, he was heavily involved in the drug trade and it was as a consequence of his involvement that he was ‘taken out’.

The only other credible death threats were to ex-Prime Minister ANR Robinson, and ex-President Noor Hassanali. In both cases no warning was given, but actual attempts were made on the lives of these figures. If I recall correctly and attempt was also made on the life of Mrs Hassanali; and yes, I categorise an actual attempt as a credible death threat. More so than these jokey media blurbs.

The use of a death threat is an especially convenient red herring. Basdeo Panday milked it for all it was worth. So did other public figures. But none came even close as Patrick Manning. He saw shadows even within shadows. Never mind that today he condemns the reported threat on the current Prime Minister. He reported threats to all of his split personalities. Rolling on the floor laughing

But back to our latest red herring. Does this seem credible that the Prime Minister is a target for assassination? I have a serious problem believing this. For one thing, there is a lack of evidence. And without evidence, does it seem likely that the target(s) would go public?

The story is becoming more and more ridiculous with each passing day, already surpassing the realms of credibility. First we had hidden sniper training camps. Then we had it that the training camps were located close to the farm of one of the involved parties (doesn't that seem a tenuous connection?). If one puts a little thought into this – firing a gun makes a loud racket. A very loud racket. Firing methodically and consistently in a firing range, to practice sniper shooting, will be to say the least a suspiciously loud and disturbing auditory assault. To have a training camp suspiciously close to his farm or to any inhabited areas would make that alleged treasonist rather more stupid than a duncey.

Then we have even more tenuous connection – a couple of tourists with fake passports are being labelled as International hit men. Said tourists being locked up for the past five months.

This situation is more humorous than serious. It’s even more humorous to see how serious the PP is taking it. To misquote Russell Peters, “Somebody’s gonna get stitched up.” It’s even part of Rock culture now. Ent, Capitan?