15 Nov 2011

Time Recorder pro

This is a wicked little Android app that does a big big job.

If you’re like me doing different jobs that have different hourly rates, it could become a nightmare to keep a record and produce it accurately. Bits of paper and even notebooks tend to get lost.

The photos above are screenshots hyperlinked from Time Recorder Pro. Yes – I know there are tons of other software and apps out there. I’m only sharing info on one that I know of, that I’ve found useful.

The value of this app did was not realised on first use. I had to play with it intermittently for about 3 months to discover it’s real power.

  1. It is very customisable for each of your various activities.
  2. You can cost your activities. e.g. Phone Call £40/hr, Report Writing £200/hr, PCons £350/hr, PrSec £77.50/hr, Travelling £45/hr. You create your activities and decide how you charge. No it doesn’t track mileage – only things requiring time tracking.
  3. It will produce reports by week, month or year  across all activities or by activity.
  4. It will export to email in various formats including CSV, so you will have a bigger more useable report.
  5. Producing invoices and tracking payments becomes easier and at your fingertips. 
  6. You can do screenshots of time spent, with other apps like ‘ShootMe’ and email to clients.
  7. Entries can be modified, but not so easily to allow for accidental errors.
  8. And it will auto-backup all data – to email (or you can use other apps to back up reports produced.)

As with all things like this, if you don’t explore it and use it, it won’t work for you. Simple. There is a free version so you can try before you buy. Pirates and scroungers stay away!!