17 Dec 2011

Hotness revealed

Trinidad and Tobago, aside from being naturally hot, has a reputation for being hot – and I don’t mean just the women and underage school girls.

yellow-scorpOn the world stage, THE hottest pepper in the world is named the Trinidad Butch T (T for Taylor) Scorpion. As you can see from the photo on the left, the pepper has a scorpion-like ‘tail’. The pepper measures a ‘scorching 1,463,700 Scoville heat units, making it hotter than the Naga Viper's 1,382,118 Scoville heat units’.

Ironically, as with many things, the Butch T is named after a foreigner, and is marketed and popularised by said foreigner. It is grown in Australia, of all places.

The video below shows the history of the ‘Scorpion’ and how it moved from Trinidad, to Maryland, USA and thence to Australia. Maybe it is part of the Trinidadian culture for foreigners to market the resources much better than short-sighted Trinidadians ever can.










The photo on the right shows a partial list of some of the world’s hottest peppers. The one on the left a hot sauce made from the Scorpion.

The reason for this post is because yesterday my visiting family (mum, sisters, brother and nephew) along with myself and Punks went to a restaurant called Nandos for lunch and met their ‘extra-hot’ piri-piri sauce.

390651_081030022704_Capsicum_Malaga_Birds_EyePiri-piri peppers are bird’s eye peppers, or as commonly known in Trinidad, bird peppers. Of course, their extra-hot hot sauce at Nandos and even extra extra-hot sauce, pales in comparison to my home cooking. Even my 6 years old nephew had no problems with the extra-hot which he used as ‘dipping sauce’ for his chips.

Still, I hope this interesting little titbit about hot peppers find you craving some. Winking smile