12 Dec 2011

Integrity Commission fails yet again!!

Once more, the Integrity Commission has failed. Failed in bringing criminals to pay their just dues and penalties as required by law, failed in carrying out actions required by law in making these criminals comply with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

I should not expect better of any Commission that has Gladys Gafoor sitting on it, but somehow I thought perhaps they should/would overlook the obvious political aspects and comply with the law as required. Once more, I point out the obvious political connection in Basdeo Panday being the only person charged under the Integrity in Public Life Act while people like Fitzgerald Hinds and Calder Hart go free.

The under mentioned are the persons who failed to file their list of income, assets and liabilities for 2009.

Integrity Commission Notice 1

Integrity Commission Notice 2

Integrity Commission Notice 3

Integrity Commission Notice 4

Thanks to ‘Scene for the scans from the newspaper.