4 Dec 2011

Red herring exposure

The security evaluation of the intelligence report which detailed the alleged assassination plot against the Prime Minister and other members of the Cabinet found the information to be highly speculative and poured cold water over the conclusion arrived at that there was a credible security threat.

The security evaluation, received by the Sunday Express, documented on November 23, stated the "chronological sequence of events was inconsistent".

"The general assessment of this information is that it seems to be an amalgamation of several pieces of information, using historical information on individuals of known ill repute to validate the claim of a future act and embellished by the author's liberal use of opinions rather than facts."

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A heated row over the state of emergency (SoE) resulted in a near physical confrontation between Cabinet colleagues—Minister of National Security Brigadier John Sandy and Sports Minister Anil Roberts. The heated confrontation is alleged to have occurred during last Thursday’s Cabinet meeting. Sunday Guardian understands that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar was forced to intervene in an attempt to quell the rowdy dispute.

The Minister of Sports felt that the extension of the state of emergency failed and served no purpose given that all detainees were released,” top level sources revealed.

Some ministers had to beg them to cool it but nobody was listening and then Minister Roberts stormed out the meeting,” sources added.

Sunday Guardian understands that Persad-Bissessar instructed Roberts to return to the meeting and reprimanded him for his outburst. While the PM acknowledged that Roberts had a point to make, she felt it could have been done in a better manner.

Read more here. That red herring is beginning to stink something really awful now. Ah well, the truth may well be less surprising than the picture painted.

And in other news…

Justice Minister Herbert Volney, who was at the time a High Court judge, and Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education Fazal Karim, who was a United National Congress senator, according to the Commission, failed to file a declaration of income, assets and liabilities and a statement of registerable interests. The ministers were among 145 people named in a two-page advertisement placed by the Integrity Commission in yesterday's Express.

Also named as people who failed to declare their assets for 2009 are Opposition Senators Fitzgerald Hinds and Pennelope Beckles-Robinson and Government Members of Parliament Jairam Seemungal, Neela Khan and Ramona Ramdial.article-0-0E7DCF2700000578-971_634x893

Read more here. Just as I had posted previously, the law (in the form of the Integrity Commission) seems to be sleeping with a pole up the nether hole. Only Panday remains the sole person charged for failing to comply with the laws. For everyone else, it’s a life of Riley it seems. Well, what can we expect from a Commission that has Gafoor sitting on it, as Deputy Chairwoman no less?

I need some time out. Ah gone.. but here is a red herring of my own. Angel