3 Jan 2012


This photo imagehas been floating around Facebook with people uttering things like “pray for this child” etc etc..

On a certain spot where somebody reposted I said “If God made these mistakes, God should require no prayers to correct such mistakes. I will not be saying any prayers about this. I'm actually fed up of God making so many mistakes - or is it 'misteps' in popular local parlance on allyuh Rock."

Well who tell meh say dat..I start gettin’ it in dee neck, how I inappropriate – and how I doh know when tuh shut my mout’ etc etc. One set-ah cuss flying!! Well I neva!!! Well as allyuh well know by now.. nutn doh stop me from opening my mout’, so long as I eh breaking no law or referenced moral principle. God – is not a moral principle. I hold God to f*ing account!!!! Who doh like it chew mat wid dem.

Why? Why has anything in the name of God got some special privilege? If God created man in his image – God is therefore accountable for these mistakes and to put them right. That has nothing to do with my sorrow and empathy for the victim of this mistake – or whatever the hell people want to call it.

But one thing I assure you – no amount of prayer will reverse deformity or disability, or help this child! Prayer never has reversed such condition and has never helped children who have suffered similar. That is a fact – and if anybody wants and argument about it, come right here and argue the facts! Come een right here!!