20 Jan 2012

Dysfunctional Country

Apparently it’s only okay if the Captain doesn’t say it, so read it or not below. [Yuh know - dee Rockian assholeness about me having to be physically present on allyuh Rock and rolling arong in dee mess, so as to have any legitimacy to diss allyuh Rock.]

If a family were engaged in widespread corruption, deceit, hypocrisy, and violence, it would be described as dysfunctional and unstable. That is precisely how TT appears to the rest of the international community. It is run by incompetent politicians, corrupt businessmen, and murderous thugs. It is an on-going political and criminal bacchanal. The political faces change, but the self-serving farce continues in different forms. Its politicians have little real understanding of the meaning of integrity or honesty.

R Wyndham
via e-mail

Newsday Letter 2012-01-20