8 Jan 2012

Fake assassination plots and dangerous dogs

frontpageOnce more, it seems that Jumbie has been proven correct. I had previously reported my scepticism that the assassination plot on the Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and her gang of 'brown-nosers', was real. Today the Express reports that duncey investigations revealed it was all a hoax.

Commissioner Gibbs, National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and security adviser Gary Griffith were among those who said the threat was real.

But police investigators say they have not found any evidence to suggest that.

"It was based on hearsay information and nothing tangible," another officer said.

Even though Persad-Bissessar gave the reasons behind the alleged plot, the police have not been able to establish its truthfulness or a motive behind it.

The file on the investigation never reached the office of Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard for advice as is the procedure when police are dealing with high-profile investigations.

"It's because there was nothing to present or to ask Gaspard for his advice on," another source said.

I recall that I also said that Calder Hart will get away scot free, that no charges would be placed on him. So far, that statement has been true; instead the State is going after Neelanda Rampaul, the cookie monster.

In other news, there is urgent need to amend the Dangerous Dogs Act. Both the Express and Guardian report that a housewife was mauled by pitbulls belonging to a relative.

According to reports, Sherry Ifill, 48, was at her home around 6 p.m. doing chores when she was attacked by the pitbulls belonging to a relative.

The dogs attacked her and bit her on her abdomen and legs.

They dragged her several feet.

Writing on a previous story, another dog mauling story no less, journalist Andy Johnson commented in 2009:

A law which was passed in the country's parliament nine years ago, to deal with a situation which presented itself to national consciousness at the time, remains without effect because a successor administration deems it too draconian. It would have made provision for proper keeping of such deadly four-legged weapons away from the innocent public. It would have created a progression in which such breeds would have been outlawed in this jurisdiction altogether.

The situation remains unchanged. Death will come, death will go. In the meantime, the cacaholes politicians we have elected as leaders keep playing games.