17 Jan 2012

Insightless..shameless and spineless

Well dee Cap has been stalking the Silk issue for some time in the background, gathering thoughts and analysing the situation very carefully. This story about Silk has been in the media almost every day for two weeks. What’s the big deal some will say – it doh change dee price of corfee (aka coffee).

But boy, today ah couldn’t contain meh self no more. Ah buss. Dee mark buss!! So ah have tuh let off some steam prematurely. What trigger all dis? Well.. ah read dis article in Newsday - PM on Silk: Point the way forward. Eh? Forward? I’s more like backwardness getting in dee way. Den some so-called Analyst talk a pile o’ cuhraap (aka crap) in the Guardian – Analyst on Silk affair: Gov’t now looking at damage control.  But you doh have to be a lawyer to figure that the comments of the PM quoted in Newsday are not about damage control at all! It’s about ‘I wrong and I strong.. so eef how much ever other people do it .. i’s okay for me’ (jess to be clear the PM never said those words – but that is the attitude portrayed). Well pardners I had to let it rip in a Guardian forum. See below and here (it may have been removed from the Guardian because we all know how the media does censor the most straight talking and sensible opinions, but allow utter garbage – Jumbie could tell yuh bout it.)

The so-called analyst need a kick up the jacksey if you arks me!! The analyst is probably paid to cover up the whole blunder.
"She noted that former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, who has strongly condemned the acceptance of silk by the PM, was the one who created the position of senior counsel, a local version of Queen’s Counsel."
Dis analyst cyah see dee issue at all at all. Hand picked I imagine. The issue is not who created SC - jeezaaan ages!! Ayye.. you know how dohtish dat line of thinking looking - hear nuh - it have people from all over the world does read deeze papers eh.. ah mean what impression such simplistic thinking go give people? Dat allyuh still swinging on vines? Oh gord man!

Dis is not a matter of merely attempting to bribe the judiciary. But lets deal with that first. Did the AG and the PM really think they could do that? If so it is the most childish and naive of bribes ever attempted.

Dee real ketchass is dat the AG and two key members of the Judicary couldn't see the obvious breach of the doctrine of separation of powers - a thing that would be obvious to any average 1st year law student. And what about the AG - Mr Separation of Powers himself - couldn't be bothered in the 'mad rush'!! I neva see such nonsense in my life!!

Few seem to care much about the issue of effectively decorating one's self with an honour. Normally that is called narcissism. But hey ho - ah guess allyuh dong on dat Rock a'right wid dat.. allyuh see nuff of it a'ready.. so is no big ting eh.

Den you have Fuad jumpin eeh tuh mouth off how is not the AG fault... how it was done before. In other words if crap has been done before is no big t'ing, jes continue merrily on to repeat.

And to crown it off now - the Prime Minister has laid down what she sees some kinda challenge. What? You eh hear bout it? Wakey wakey.

The PM has made statements which may suggest that if none of the people over the last 50 years hand back dey silk she holdin orn to she one!! She said, "..Should you take that route, every person to receive Silk under those criteria and those who for the past 50 years from 1962 down, are you then saying everyone should give back Silk? I think the answer is no. If we are to review the system and progress as we do in other institution that will point to the way forward”. And this is the abyssmally low level of analytical thought you get from a silk? I'm speechless. What  self-justificatory rhetorical nonsense of a question is that? (two can play the game eh).

The issues Mrs PM are not:

  1. whether those who received silk over the last 50 years ought to return their silk.
  2. that a precondition to your handing back your silk is that those so decorated over 50 years should hand back their silk first – ah mean how childish can one actually get?

The issues Mrs PM and Mr Separation of Powers are:

  1. that you have discovered that the effective self-award of silk upon yourselves is viewed with the moral contempt it deserves,
  2. that very learned and respectable legal opinion has informed you reliably, in no uncertain terms, that the award driven by you all in cahoots (directing the President), is in breach of the doctrine of separation of powers - a serious legal mistake for anyone worthy of Silk to make.
  3. that both of you need to demonstrate more self-awareness and respect for people with (and without) intelligence. People are not all totally stupid. You have discovered that you made mistake - or should I say 'mistep'. But the pattern as with the Reshmi Ramnarine debacle - you playing wrong and strong! This is an issue of National importance. Adherence to principle should stand above all - and you should be a beacon of light and leadership – not merely trying to justify your mistakes on a foundation of such utter drivel. 

However, the monkey pants that you and the AG find yourselves in now, is one where you’re wondering whether the handing back of the Silk awards will be an admission of yet another 'mistep'. You worried no ass that yet another admission of a mistep will effect your fall from power.

Remember this 'Serve the people.. serve the people.. serve the people'. Um err.. that doesn’t mean serve ‘food’ eh. It means serve all that is right to the people – fairness as well. That means, ‘it's not about you.. it's not about you.. it's not about you.’  Right?