7 Jan 2012

A little bit more on rock crawling culture

A certain blog this morning reminded me of an incident that happened when I visited Trinidad and Tobago last year…

Last year I spent a month in Trinidad and Tobago. I stayed at a gated community in North Trinidad. The residents are very select, professional adult people with high-paying jobs. Educated… At least I thought so…

Lo and behold, one day all the toilets in the house backed up. Stinky water coming up through the bowl onto the floor of the toilets. This house was the first, and closest to the external cesspit, (also lowest).

When the plumber came, we unclogged the outside cylindrical cap and used a rod to try and clear the obstruction… However, the moment the cap became unscrewed, pressure caused the backed up stuff to spew almost 15 feet into the air, messing up the walls, the entire yard and even getting into the air conditioning unit (the external part, blowing both of them up).

The cause? Someone one was flushing sanitary pads down the toilets which clogged the pipe leading to the cesspit.

The cost of repairs? To change three toilets and two air conditioning units cost nearly $15,000…

The payer? Mrs Jumbie, alone.