29 Jan 2012

New ways of working in windows

Over the last couple days I was actually working on a way to put up a to-do list on my laptop screen, in a way that made it always visible. I ended up purchasing Actual Windows Manager. It was such good value, I thought after 2 hours of testing.

Actual Windows Manager can do very interesting things to all windows on a Microsoft Windows Operating System. I’m using Window 7.

2012_01_29_actual_windowsThe Ghost feature is the one that works well for me with my to-do list. Now my to-do list is always in sight on my computer screen, but faded out so as not to cause distractions. (you may need to click on the screenshot at left for a bigger view).

This shot only shows use of the transparency features – and this simply means how see-through you make the Ghost! LOL. My ghosted to-do list will live in the same spot (unless I move it) on top of all windows I open!! Yes – I can minimise it if I want. With Actual Windows Manager I can even set a time for it to be automatically minimised. So, I’ve done just that. After 10 minutes it will minimise and go to the taskbar. If I click it again on the taskbar, it comes alive and is ghosted until I need to do something with it. The Transparency features are very useful for other things of course. Yes – you can do this stuff without Actual Windows Manager however it is not as easy.

Well – “why am I going through all this effort and cost?” – you may be wondering. If you’ve been following me I’ve lost the battle with sleep – and I am really determined to make better use of my waking hours. This means I need to get things done more efficiently. I spend a lot of time on my computer as well as on my Samsung Galaxy S phone. So yes there are to-do lists there too. However, when I’m on my computer I really want to see my to-do list in the corner of my eye. Notepad was the simplest, though I know I could have brought my Google to-do list to the desktop in the same way. I was looking to make this small but not too small.

I reckon that if I can push two more hours into my waking day that’s worth a whole lot. I cost my time at an average of £120/hr. So 2 hours is £240/day. Over a year I’m therefore worth the order of £90,000 better to myself if I’m more organised and efficient. So – for the naysayers – lets imagine I was very poor at this. Lets say I got back only 15 mins a day in efficiency savings that’s still £10,950 worth of value to myself – tax-free!! So me spending say £200 this year on this efficiency drive is, I think a good investment.