9 Jan 2012

Taking it on the left, on the right and even from behind

Last night the Captain pointed me to a thread in yesterday's Daily Express. A comment on that thread is worthy of a reprint, primarily because it made me laugh so hard I almost got a stroke!

"She won every prize the law school could have given. She is one of the most brilliant minds you could meet and in her practice she has an incredible success rate," he said.'

Well Prak! If this is the level of Brilliance the PM is demonstrating as one of the "Best legal minds" then we're in deep doodoo! The PM alone has made so much errors both legally, ethically not to mention compromise the integrity of both the Integrity Commission and the Judiciary! what else could a "brilliant mind" do to create such discontent in one little country? Tell me Prak, please!

As we're on the Topic: Hey Prak where's the "Transparency" the country was promised? Did it get thrown out with the bath water when the two babies (Sasha and Resmi) got tossed?

Prak, ask anyone on this blog here- I battled and went to war to give the PP a fair Shake- I took it on the left and on the right, I even take it from behind and still stood like a champion for the PP-But, I got screwed like a champion just as well and even more!

I went through all the :

1. New Gov't

2. Inexperienced

3. Blame the PNM

4. Country was inherited

5. As a woman the PM would use her "maternal" instinct to know what the people "need" and not want!

But as you can see I was wrong on all front! And if not for my good looks these boys and girls on this blog would've crucified me!

But in any event- our country is no better than we were before May 2010- as a matter of fact the People feels worse- you know why? The double talk and the deception we were fed and is being fed is just too much to swallow!

Park- Your government pretends to listen to the people.

Prak, your pm tells lies when she speaks to the media telling them " we are listening to the people and we will do the will of the ppl" that's a bold faced lie Prak!

The Country has been calling for Gibbs (Batman) and Ewatsky (Robin) to go from here because they have done nothing and is doing nothing for the nation, yet, they are reaping money from the poor people....

They get the highest pay across the Globe as COP and ACOP and they not doing one A. S..S...

Prak- About the Silk thing- I have seen that the people have nothing against Kangs and Archie personally, but it's the Process that your Aunty Class mate is undermining to govern and make friends in the judiciary!

He prak- What ever happened to the Death penalty! YOur aunty Kams get "horse" one night braying about fighting toot and nail if they won to reinstate the Death Penalty, all of a sudden like that phrase death penalty" has disappeared from the Dictionary and her vocabulary!

Prak- The people of T*T are Tired of the LIars and Knivers we have for leaders! Prak, PP in TT are mostly Hard Workers, pay their Taxes while other people come in like "Cisco Delgado" and ride out with the bag of Gold leaving us natives with our mouths open!

Hey Prak- the PP Government have about 200 lawyers on staff and the PM and the AG are all lawyers and what about you Prak- And still, Duprey harnarine and Monteil thief boldfaced and Sakal boasting about it and none of you don't have the legal "Minds" to get a warrant of arrest to search and seize their accounts so the Monies they Thief can be returned to it's rightful owners!

Hey Prak- The writing is on the wall- What the pp is sharing the PP of TT don't want any! The PM take she Husban and a Hototo of Friends and family to trace their roots....Hey prak, I's a Dougla, if i become PM, which country should I go to to trace my roots? The Congo or Hderabad...or should I call it "Congo-rabad'

Hey prak, everyday i talk to staunch PP supporters, even those who write books, sing songs and bend down an kiss the PM's foot- They are fed up and one woman get so fed up she get sores in her mouth just for kissing the PM's foot!

Hey Prak- tit for tat, butter for fat, the PM and the PP beat my dog and for dat, I go skin the PP meoww! According to bunch of people I talk to yesterdy and this morning, they will cut off and burn their fingers before they dutty it for the PP Coalition again!

Hey prak- Remember this comment today! In 2014, when elections are heating up- me and some of my friends will be there to remind the crowds of the betrayal, the deception, the Refusal to listen to them, the way you refuse to do the right thing instead of the popular thing!

Hey prak- You know Bob Marley? He once said! " u can fool some of the ppl some of the time, but yuh cyah fool all of the ppl all of the time!" the ppl who joined COP and Trusted Uncle Dooks all feel betrayed! Uncle Dooks Jump Ship and leave his followers to Drown while he keeps the fire burning for Aunty best legal mind seat warm for she!