1 Feb 2012

The legal position

Two situations come to mind this morning, where the legal position is very important.

The first is the situation where a baby died because an ambulance failed to pick up the mother and baby at the roadside. From a previous news report, the mother admitted that the ambulance already had a patient in the back (I cannot find the link). The questions that then comes to mind are, how much liability does the ambulance crew have in picking up a patient at the roadside, and also what liability they might have to the patient already in the back?

Either way, it seems as if the ambulance crew is totally screwed.

The second situation involves Ewatski and a certain flight he took on a light aircraft, which culminated in a contract being given to a newly found company. The situation is quite complex, with the directors of the new company being ex employees of an old company which originally came up with the idea. It seemed that the new company's directors saw a golden opportunity to branch out on their own and obtain a lucrative contract in one go. But the question then remains whether or not the police Commissioner and his deputy had the authority to enter into this contract, especially since denial by the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security, and the so-called security adviser is the order of the day.

What is the legal position?