6 Mar 2012

After Carnival… business as usual

Okay, I’ve been ‘away’ from my blog, for several days. I have a lot going on, not the least of which is issues with my heating… again! A continuous problem for the past 4 years.

Anyway, a few things to comment upon:

  1. It is D-day for CoP Gibbs. On Thursday the Police Services Commission (PSC) meets to discuss his ‘fate’. If this is indeed a ‘sacking’, then will he challenge it? I hazard a guess no… he might think playing with dung beetles is not a wise career move after all. Leave them to roll in the shit.

  2. Another Government credit card allegedly misused. Not many details so far, but it is only a matter of time before maccos reveal all. (^_^)

  3. The Reshmi issue rears its ugly head again. I suggest, not for the first time, this issue may be the downfall of the PP, and the one term government it seems destined to fulfil.

    • When it comes to employment, her various 'dubious' certification is in the former name. It will still be revealed at some stage.

      I for one will always question her certification as to genuineness, as should any wise employer. Why is this necessary? Because claiming a qualification you neither earned nor have suggests that sooner rather than later, you will be proven incompetent to handle the job you are hired to do. Eventually, you will cost money to the employer.

      Parliamentary innuendoes are the least of this woman's problems. The real problem is the extent of lies perpetrated upon the public on her behalf, and vigorously defended by her buddy Tim Gopeesingh and others, right up to the Prime Minister.

      These lies have shown that she has friends in high places, who, having so stoutly defended her, will not hesitate to continue the nepotism and appoint her to another post. Am I to believe her when she says she she has no contract? Am I to believe Tim? Nay, I say. The lies speaketh more truth than the truth ever did!

      By being a political pawn and willing one at that, she has brought this upon herself. I have no sympathy for her.

      And lest you forget, she did not resign 'immediately' as the newspapers now suggest. She fought tooth and nail to retain the job and only resigned a couple of weeks later when the public and political pressure was too much for both her and the PP Government.

Ah well, back to after-carnival antics.