7 Mar 2012

Bad English… not the music group

Bad English peeves me to no end… like fingernails down a chalkboard (blackboard for us ‘old schoolers’), so to see this on the Express website is like the ultimate torture. Each post was written by someone calling herself NIXXZLOU.

WHEPA~~~~WHEPA.!!. At least they were fine guilty for not serving and protecting the Nation citizens. especially a young Raped victim whom needed Emergency Care. who knows if these officers did responded in the proper manner, probably they could have Apprehended that nasty vicious rapist and his accomplish. All I can say is, these Officers also need a great make over / training. and learning how too show compassion for victims. including Traumatize nude. RAPE VICTIM.!!. hopefully when they fall short off their rent or car note. they would remember their duties. Peace.

V~~~~. I am greatful that these 2 Officer pleaded guilty. it is a step in the right direction. hopefully. it could have been the other way around. and those officers may not have been recommended. for not doing their job to protect and served. not to discriminate. as you stated they were very DELINQUENT

My friends. while making my corrections. The pop up box informed me that I cannot make changes to a reply comment. JB follow me from page to page. he she usually remove my comments, as soon as I write them even a few bloggers notice this. If he she is so smart. why the hell he she act like a child in head start. it is clear as Day that this person have a serious problem if they take the time out to follow me from page to page. and remove my posts. I am truly sadden by the fact that I find myself dealing with a sicko and a very jealous man. who want to be more woman that I.
I put JB. in Jah hands. it is a shame that JB IS THE BIGGEST BANDIT ON THIS BLOG SITE. WHAT MAN CURSES A WOMEN OUT USING THE TERMS MC. Look JB go and sink your darn head in your out house. and see if you could remove some of this sickness from you. and let somebody like you.!! you want someone on this site too say that you are smart. You is the biggest self bragger on this site. everything is about you. you usually try your best to convince us that you are so darn smart. it aint funny. look rest your self boy.!!.
You Are Loking for points. you are very crazy. the same crazy fool who stated that he almost attended the same University as I. LOL. all the way to the bank.

I shall stop the torture here, but really, this is something I am ashamed of. Here is someone claiming to attend university, in America (nuff said?) and writing like a Standard 3 or 8 years old child. Worse, to put it for the world to see and not expect to be taken to task over it?

Now, I am not saying mistakes can’t be made. I’ve made many… but this is a whole new low.

Nix, I'm sorry to say it this way, but JB is correct in the sense that you should check your grammar and spelling before posting. JB is wrong to 'attack' you.

However, you and your 'supporters' are missing a real learning curve here. Your grammar and spelling IS bad, equivalent to a primary school child. I have hardly seen worse on this forum. Learn from the criticism and try to use your spell check. In fact, if you use Firefox Browser, you can add the British English add-on to spell check WITHIN the browser. Other than that, do your posts in Word and then copy and paste.