14 Mar 2012

Difference in justice

A 29-year-old man who failed to report the death of his father for nearly five months and claimed his benefit payments has been jailed for three years.

Police found the body of Guy Blackburn, 54, on a bed in the living room of his home in Penwortham, Lancashire, last March after neighbours raised concerns.

Christopher Blackburn, from Birkby, Huddersfield, admitted theft and preventing a lawful burial of a body.

Preston Crown Court heard he took his father's benefit payments of £1,869.

Now contrast this with a certain Monkey Island, where an Industrial Court judge collects cheques for her husband, and cashed them, for 6 years after his death, defrauding the State of thousands of dollars.

Ah, the ‘sweet’ smell of cronyism/nepotism.

Then again, if the PM could do it, who is we?