31 Mar 2012

Dirty diapers and illusions

I would be lying if I say I didn’t have mixed feelings over the slap in the face to the COP. Mixed feelings because I still think it is not too late for COP to pull out of the coalition and fight on its own. The UNC has made enough errors to be a non-entity in the next polls, and the PNM wounds aren’t even scars yet.

Unfortunately, that ain’t going to happen. And I know it, so disappointment is alive and well.

In October 2007 I wrote: Should the UNC win, that is a licence for untrammelled power grabbing. So said, so done. The UNC has deliberately and mercilessly side-lined each partner while feeding them scraps. And they have failed to to see this. The first moves came with the poaching of Anand Ramlogan. Maybe it was the idea of being the youngest Attorney General ever, or the attraction of power, but Anand cast aside his principles with the same alacrity Grandma Kamla tosses a dirty diaper. Then came Dooks, Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan and a whole slew of issues that pushed the COP into a wasted form of itself.

Over time, the UNC has consistently slapped the COP in the face, over and over, with said dirty diaper. And, liking the shit that comes its way, the COP meekly says “Thank You!”, and grins in earnest gratitude.

So, for its own sake, the COP MUST walk, now. Will it do so? I predict no. The rank and file may protest but the leaders enjoy the illusion of power and the imagined perks of said illusion.

“Ignorance is bliss!”

“I want to be somebody … important.”