16 Mar 2012

Stupidity… or why Monkey Island remains Third World

The photograph on the left shows one Christabell Drayton, and her father.

Ms Drayton attempted to enter an area of restricted access at City Gate, and was stopped by a transit security officer. She now wants to sue the officer, because having one leg makes her ‘differently-abled’, and she feels aggrieved.


This mentality is why the Rock remains Third World, and I make no apologies for this statement.

A differently-abled woman, handicapped as it is politically incorrect to say, feels she can flout the law with impunity because she is different. Madness of the first order.

The officer asked if she saw the sign about restricted access.

The officer would have well been within the law to arrest her sorry arse and cart her off in front of a Magistrate. No 'ifs, ands or buts' about it.

The officer's actions were for her own safety. She feels aggrieved that she was being protected from her own stupidity. Had she been knocked down, or run over by a vehicle, I wonder who she would blame then? Herself? Most unlikely. Nope, she'd be looking for a fat or fatter pay-out from the 'Govament'.

That is not to say that some concessions ought not be made for handicapped persons. It is the duty of the Authorities to provide facilities to allow them to live as normally as the rest of us do.

But instead of this woman suing the State to provide access, she instead sues to 'manners' a transit cop for doing her job and protecting said idiot form her own stupidity. Only on Monkey Island.