13 Apr 2012

Absolute power

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the Marlene Coudray situation and the Congress Of the People’s (COP) position… I speculated whether the COP would dissolve the partnership and walk. I predicted "no".

It turns out, once again, I have been correct in my assessment… Today the newspapers have revealed that the leadership of the COP has boiled down like the proverbial 'bhagi'.

  1. Trinidad Express:- COP-OUT ON MARLENE
  2. Trinidad Guardian:- COP backs down on Coudray
  3. Trinidad Newsday:- COP gets ‘options’ for loss of San Fernando mayorship

People should remember that COP was created and entered politics under the catchphrase "new politics". New politics turned out to be the same as "old politics". In other words, serve yourself before you "serve the people, serve the people, serve the people". For the price of a ministerial salary, and perks, the rank-and-file of the COP has to watch its leaders grovel, and become emasculated.

With the dying PNM, ineffective independent senators, and partners who are unable to check the rampage of the UNC, we have the makings of another creeping dictatorship, and an untrammelled opportunity for power.

"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it" … William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham (1770).

Absolute power corrupts the very best of natures"… Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine (1848)

Now, some may say I am being paranoid. I wonder if I am… I correctly saw Patrick Manning’s trend to ‘a creeping dictatorship’ which was also confirmed by several independent writers (political analysts, journalists and lawyers). I have noticed a trend of turning back upon the promises made upon the electoral platforms, and written in the party’s Manifesto. Now, who is there to stop this downward slide?

Two years gone, and I am seeing no attempt to rein in Prime Ministers ‘till death do us part’ reign. What happened to ‘two terms’ as promised? What happened to right of recall of non-performing MPs? Instead we got a vote for an increase in salary. Okay, I confess, I agree no increase was voted since 2006, but… will the MP's increase reflect the 5% or 9% cap given to others? I hardly think so.

So we are back to seeing things like Reshmigate, Marlenegate, Cherylgate etc.

In the meantime, children are being abused and murdered, and extra-judicial killings by dunceys appear to be on the rise. We also have MPs commenting before matters have been fully investigated (not that I expect such investigations to be fair or independent).

As the Captain always says, the substrata is a powerful thing, and I wonder how much of the substrata is manipulated into accepting the trends I am seeing… and the defence of same.