15 May 2012

Fat cat

Fat cat Harry Harnarine, disgraced CEO President of the Hindu credit Union (HCU), pictured left, has been revealed in the ‘Colman Inquiry’ as living higher than a saint on weed. And looking at that  belly, I can definitely say “Fat Cat”!

As being revealed in the inquiry, not only did Harry pay himself excessive monies belonging to the gypped clients of HCU, he channelled funds to his relatives and friend. According to the Newsday, a brother and sister benefited to the sum of approximately $1.2 M and $988,310 respectively.

As I sit here writing this, I am cognizant that no matter the outcome and recommendations of this inquiry, Harnarine will never be held accountable to the public, or the HCU clientele. Quote me on that. His days of living high on the hog may be over, but by Jingo!, he had a good time! And he laughed all the way to foreign parts.