31 May 2012

Indian removal day!

Well boy, dee Cap is havin’ anodda big laugh about dis ting. Some wudn’ see it as funny at all. Ah mean after all, dee Rock-crawlers will say, “Whuh dee ppl supposed tuh do?” How ah know dey will say dat? Easy – dee ‘placard’ and dee ‘march mentality’ predicts what dey will do.  So, dey will find solidarity with those who are of those mentalities. I’m the odd man out. Yeah.. yeah.. I know full well dat dey does wave placards etc here in Englan’ too.

But ova here in Englan’ at least dey know bout courts and ting – and deese courts here do work very well. I’s not ketch ass nuh – well like i’s ketchass wid most tings dong dey. And dee natives will say dat i’s dee ketchass dat drives dem to wave placards, march, and even riot – oh rass – ah not suppose’ tuh say dat. Riots apparently are allowed accordin’ tuh some Rock-crawlers who t’ink dat i’s a’right so long as yuh driven tuh frustration.

Well at least deese women, kept up a peaceful protest – and nothing as far as I can see amounted to dee legal definition of ‘riot’ according tuh dee Riot Act, on the Rock.

Ok..ah stop laughin’ fuh a bit now.

Newsday 2012-05-31 reported that “Policewomen were forced to lift the women protesters, holding them by their arms and legs, placing them at the side of the gates, near the Debe Main Road. The women screamed and shouted at Persad-Bissessar as her vehicle passed by.” [shouted at the Prime Minister that is].

Po’ t’ing – one woman bawled out, “How you treating your people so? We vote for you!”. Well that seems to mean that the Prime Minister must please all those who voted to get her into power? I’m clearly confused no ass!

The Prime Minister (of the Rock that is) reportedly said, “I would like to call on all of our nation’s thinkers, our community and social activists, academics, labour leaders, religious leaders, from both islands of our Republic, to form a national dialogue on diversity. The aim is to bring all interests groups together to discuss how we as a nation can now take another step forward as a diverse and very united nation.”  Well – bugger me – for a moment I thought she was inviting me. Yuh know, I feel I is a thinker.

But then I don’t t’ink that would include me cuz dey haven’t learned what diversity means, as yet. Were I to share my opeenions with them, I could expect the sort of responses I get to my comments in the TT Express forums, which goes like “Why don’t you shut up eef yuh have nutn gud tuh say!!!” So – basically since I tell it like it is and I’m bong tuh upset people in what I call ‘raw speak’ – I don’t t’ink I’m really invited. Furthermore, I don’t toe party lines. In fact I don’t toe lines period!! And few can like or manage people who don’t toe lines.  When Rock-crawlers lorn (aka learn) to respect differences of opeenion, fierce debate and operate on principles of logic – then I might t’ink more about it. But hol’ (aka hold) on, it might take them about 50 years more to develop all this – and I am most unlikely to be around. So – we better leave it orf (aka off) entirely.