12 May 2012

Lord Phillips to take two international judicial roles

Rock crawlers and huggers will immediately switch off, I can expect. They’re not likely to see the importance of this. What’s going on 5000 or 10,000 miles away is a distraction to their pre-occupation with foraging for food, shelter, battling with floods and vermin, and serious violent crime. At first blush, I can’t really blame them, because survival is a person’s first duty to him/herself.

However, they fail to ask themselves on this godforesaken rock, ‘Why is it in 21st century, a petroleum rich nation such as ours, should we be ketchin we ass like dis? Is it something fundamental that went wrong in our history and development? If so how can we put that right quickly?’ And were those questions to cross their minds for a few seconds they might begin to hold some hope of appreciating why this press release (left) is of some importance. They might begin to understand that their land has been seriously deficient in processes of accountability historically, ever since they took premature independence, and that is why their ‘inheritance’ – the wealth that their nation should be enjoying today, has been siphoned off elsewhere – bobolled off – to be more precise! Yeah – ah know dee cry, “Morney isn’ everyt’ing!!

It is more than ever, they need the “the freshness and variety of contemporary European philosophy" referred to by Frank Solomon – and a different world view to their own. A second wave of ‘independence’ for Rock-crawlers does not mean they will find ‘maturity’. It means more likely they will find more of the same that has been happening for the past 50 years.

The Rock has a very precious pearl – the wisdom of the English Law Lords in the Privy Council – highly valued internationally as we see by example of this Press Release. But now blind (rock-crawlers) led by blind persons they have elected to lead – all collectively driven by the thirst for blood - will more than likely cause them to eject the very thing they most need. Images of swine wallowing in mud come to mind.

[For those quick to jump to conclusions, this site has never asserted that the Privy Council should remain indefinitely, as the highest court for Trinidad & Tobago.]