30 May 2012

Recover text from lost submission form on webpage

This is a very good web surfing tip.

You had spent your time putting together a post in a textbox (a form) on a webpage. Then accidentally you clicked and closed the tab, in trying to close another tab.

Panic!!! It’s embarrassing, so you give up. And of course you share the problem with no one. Well that’s the first response-set the humans can be expected to make. I’m of course, a robot from another planet – so I simply reach for Google, my best friend on planet Earth!! LOL. A solution emerges!! Smile 

Basically you want to retrieve the words you had carefully put together.

This is what you do. With your browser opened and not further touched. You press on your keyboard the following keys SHIFT and CTRL and T (in that sequence and keep each depressed until a response.). Look just experiment with it. You may need several presses of that sequence to recover the right tab with your stuff but I tell you it really works like magic. I’ve only tested this on Firefox.