17 May 2012

Stupidity is alive and well

It was very interesting this morning to take a look at the headline in the Daily Express.


Karen ‘Tax-Sharer’ Nunez-Tesheira, has lost a lawsuit worth $20 million, against doctors at Golf View Medical Centre. I have pointed out several times, that failure to meet the deadline, as stipulated by the judge and as outlined in the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) 1998 will see that this case is dismissed. So said, so done.

The civil procedure rules were introduced in an attempt to stymie lawyers from using never-ending stalling tactics, and to expedite cases through the judicial system in a timely fashion. Lazy lawyers who fail to meet the deadlines unfortunately have no sanctions against them. However, it is clear that these rules are not only necessary but absolutely vital.

The rules have been challenged all the way to the Privy Council, where the constitutionality has been affirmed. Therefore lawyers cannot rely on the argument that the rules are unconstitutional. The Privy Council has also ruled on the conditions on which sanctions may be applied (section 26.7 of the CPR).


In the photograph on the left, taken by the Newsday, the dogs that mauled Kurleen Cooper are seen.

While the owners are denying that it is their dogs that committed the attack,the photograph on the left shows what appears to be blood on the muzzle/head and the back of two dogs respectively.

Of course, if this case ever came to trial, the evidence will be long gone. Such is life… and death, on Monkey Island.

In this report, the police have said that the dogs do belong to Ronnie Maharaj.

“… she was attacked by three dogs, which police said belonged to fish vendor Ronnie Maharaj, also of South Central Road.”

In other news, Verna St Rose-Greaves has come out openly in support of abortion. This is a move long over due,  but as can be seen from the comments (which I urge you to read), the ‘God’ factor stampedes in and arguments based upon illogical directions of a fictitious being are thrown into the fray as impediments to common sense. Of course, all arguments from this view are based upon a Christian God, in a country where the majority of the population do not actually believe in this being, or are followers of different faiths. So the majority are actually voiceless, though whether by choice or design, it is difficult to tell.

You talk about abortion, and immediately all the Roman Catholics (most of them I should say) from the Pope down, get their knickers in a twist. Funny, a bunch of men past their sexual prime advising women on what's best for them (said men having preference for young boys on the most part judging by all the publicity in the last few years). Still a taboo subject, never mind the 90% Roman Catholic Mexico legalised abortion with no fuss.

Ah well…