23 May 2012

Trinidad and Tobago – behind the scenic vista

Trinidad and Tobago, also known as Monkey Island (where justice is blind, deaf and dumb – a reference to those 3 wise monkeys) and the Rock (it’s a small Rock in the ocean).Nikko_Tosho-gu-Japan-Nikko_Tochigi-Shrines_and_Temples_of_Nikko-Three_wise_monkeys-Tosho-gu

Trinidad and Tobago, a place where the natives are too busy 'ducking and diving’ from bullets, ‘pouya’, ‘gilpins’, ‘3 canals’ and other violent means that shorten life expectancy.

Trinidad and Tobago, a place where nepotism and cronyism are necessary and desirable attributes for any political party in power.

Trinidad and Tobago, a place where road traffic incidents happen with the same frequency one may order a ‘doubles’ or ‘roti’… foreign readers may want to read up on that.

Trinidad and Tobago, twin islands where road traffic incidents make the living population into crash test dummies.

Trinidad and Tobago, a land of plenty where some food items are 4 times the cost in the UK… in pounds sterling.

Trinidad and Tobago, where there are 80,000 serious crimes reported in 6 years with a solve rate of 8%… not counting  % of those beaten into a confession.

Trinidad and Tobago, where the solve rate for murder/homicide is 3.65 % and the conviction rate is 1% OF THAT.

Trinidad and Tobago, where it takes 3 O level subjects to be a duncey (police officer) and if you have A levels, you’re ‘over-qualified’. Let’s not mention undergraduate degrees or post-grad qualification here.

Trinidad and Tobago, a place where jerry-curled pastors, pedlars of illegal and unknown concoctions, and Ministers of Government can claim degrees and PhDs from schools that are not recognised by any except those flaunting these qualifications.

Trinidad and Tobago, where UWI lecturers can write about escaping  ‘unschathed’, and ‘fire a local CoP who was ineffective and higher a foreign CoP’, remain clueless about the difference between it’s and its… and we expect standards of literacy to rise among students.

Ah yes, it’s the reality hidden by sunshine, blue seas and gently swaying palm trees….