30 Jun 2012

Duct tape murder

Eef yuh from dee Rock, look away now to avoid bitching about my style of writing, how arrogant tamasic or distasteful, I am etc etc.

It’s another strange sort of murder – whoops surrryyyy – ah mean homicide. Oh no – ah not surrrryyy.. the pathologist was quoted as saying it’s  murder.

It is a murder,” Alexandrov told Newsday, hours after performing an autopsy on Joachim at the Forensic Science Centre, St James. Alexandrov found the bandana inside Joachim’s mouth after removing the duct tape during the autopsy.

“A bandanna obstructed his mouth. It’s suffocation by gagging. He was gagged at first with a bandanna which slipped into his mouth and then they placed duct tape around it,” the pathologist said.

This is not a way to die. See: Newsday 2012-06-30

But in a banana republic – gosh those words always gets up somebody’s nose – the natives will say “He look fuh he trouble.. yuh eh see dee kinda ppl he was hengin’ ‘rong wid?” – as if to assert that he deserved to be murdered or courted his own murder. So – with attitudes like that Rock-crawlers will look away from this one. They are certain that they will not die this way – Gord or some narcissistic bastard pretending to be Gord, will protect them.

Of course, I’m sorry and appalled by this tragedy. But in other amazing news, the infamous Jack Warner ousted from FIFA in relation to a certain scandal is now being lauded knight in shining armour, waving sticks at the Commissioner of Police and making an extra effort to show how good he is.

The stupidity and ignorance quotient of Rock-crawlers and huggers is what Warner et al, play on. All the tough talk is meant to give people an idea that they will get control of crime – and if not there is a scapegoat or two ready to be slaughtered.

Dare I venture to arrogantly assert that Warner and his comrades are fools?!! Yes – I do! The determinants of crime on ‘banana rock’ are not merely about poor policing. It is a complex situation and poor law enforcement is just one aspect. Prediction: Serious violent crime – the marker being homicide rate – will not be reduced by 30% in the next three years. I’m picking a figure – so calm down – Warner hasn’t. In fact no politician dares to set a firm target about homicide rate reduction.