20 Jun 2012

Iron Fist

Some things are hard to take in. Some things are even harder to take in than the hard things… does that make sense?

I stayed away from this blog for a long, long time; perhaps the longest period ever since I started this blog. Reading news daily, especially those associated with the Rock and its Rock Crawlers has an unsettling effect. Nay, it is more than unsettling – it is downright depressing!

Take for example the carnage on the roads. Rather than get better, it gets worse… daily.

Murders are on the rise, but strongly denied by the police… ahem, duncey service. The boast that for the same period last year we have 171 LESS SERIOUS crimes is nothing to beat their chests about… don’t forget that they admitted there was 80,000 serious crimes in a 6 years period… I hardly think 171 less makes a difference. I mean, take a drop out of a full bathtub, what difference does it make? Out of that 80,000 the solve rate was a measly and appalling 8%, not counting those beaten into confessing (they’d even tried to bump it up to 20% but I caught them out). And there is a murder solve rate (separate) of 3.65%, out of which there is a 1% conviction rate. Perhaps the lowest in the world when you work the maths… 0.037%. Now, note carefully, I said that is the murder solve rate, eh.

Now, murders are also considered serious crimes but here’s the thing… the police have now blocked access to its website that formerly showed the statistics, when those who are aware realised they were greasing said statistics. Formerly found here: http://www.ttps.gov.tt/Statistics/ tabid/141/Default.aspx the webpage now looks like:

Police Stats page

Yes, clearly the dunceys have something to hide!

Access only by ‘authorised persons’? Why?

But a little time on Google this morning showed some more appalling statistics regarding murders.


In 2008, Trinidad and Tobago had the 5th highest murder rate in the world! We were only behind:

Honduras 60.87 per 100,000
Jamaica 59.50 per 100,000
El Salvador 51.83 per 100,000
Venezuela 47.21 per 100,000
Trinidad & Tobago 39.67 per 100,000

In 2010 the figure for T&T dropped to 39 per 100,000, perhaps due to the excitement of a new political party winning election and rising hope early in the year. They almost caught up by the year’s end though. False hope, eh.

In 2011, the further drop to 28 per 100,000 was almost definitely due to the State of Emergency called by the Government.

There are 3 areas of law enforcement needed in Trinidad most urgently, but with a dual action which I will get to… The 3 areas are road deaths, murders (and by extension serious crimes), and ‘white collar’ crime, also known as corruption/cronyism/nepotism.

The dual action is better law enforcement by duncey.. wait, I mean, weed out the dunceys, the ones with 3 and 5 ‘O’ levels and start hiring those capable of learning. Not the intellectual dregs we are saddled with. Better yet, ask for a first degree in a related discipline, make these a special management/training track to lead and weed out the corruption. Fire all en masse and restart the hiring process. Drastic? Sure, but drastic is what is needed.

The second action is a forced culture change. Enough evidence is there that the local Rock Crawlers need the wielded big stick to change… so give it to them. Penalise and punish, force the adjustment that is necessary to their culture. Protest? On what grounds? Use Parliament as it is intended… change the laws if you have to. Protests that the laws are being changed? There’s a Riot Act, Sedition Act… well, many tools to handle the jackasses with no vision.

Perhaps what that blighted Rock needs is an Iron Fist, a Thatcher clutch on the gonads. Just saying…