18 Jun 2012

Message: Stupidity kills–don’t love them to death!

This story Newsday 2012-06-18, has me writing what most people will not. You’ll see.

The youngster, aged 18, died on the Rock after his car moving at speeds estimated to be 180 –200 km/h lost control and crashed. ‘What’s so earth moving about that in terms of stupidity?’, I hear you thinking. Yes, you!! You who reads this. Nothing! It happens all the time.

I’m always saddened when youngsters die like this. But reality must set in – as it always does. The father admitted that he had purchased the car for his son. I can tell you now that the father will be guilt-ridden for years to come, for his act of stupidity. I’m not here to rub salt in anybody’s wounds. “So WTF are you on about then?!!” – I hear you shout. Yes – I saw that the youngster was probably under the influence of alcohol.

This stupid scenario has been played out around the world several thousand times – and it isn’t top secret information that persons under the age of 25 are at extreme high risk of dying in road traffic accidents for various reasons. It is also well known that people who just pass their driving tests are at highest risk of accidents and death on the roads. Don’t take my word for it. Google is your friend.

See the risk of death by crash dummy in ‘How you value your life – or not’ The risk of such death overall on the rock is 43 times that of the UK, according to me! Google it and see that young drivers are at least twice the risk of death for driving at night. See some stats and facts. Half of all preventable deaths among teenagers are caused by road-traffic accidents! [Ian Cowie, Telegraph blogger 2011-05-27].

My message is not to the father of this boy. The message is to everyone who has just passed their driving test, their parents or guardians and their friends and family! Here it is: No matter how much you love them, no matter how much you may be put under pressure, do not supply a car to any ‘child’ who has just passed their driving test and do not let them drive alone without mature driver supervision for at least the next 2 years. Do not succumb to their peer pressure coming through to you, through them!