2 Jun 2012

News or lightning bolts, one’s sure to do me in

I’ve been remiss in posting my thoughts lately… the news has been just frigging depressing. It’s complete madness to take it on every day. Still, there are a few things worthy of mention, although I have to say this clearly ~ it is only the extreme that is noticed nowadays. If bad news can be considered ‘run-of-the-mill’ then readers ignore such articles/stories and look to the sensational for something that stands out.

I am as guilty as the rest… stories about crash dummies are hardly noticeable unless one happens to be a senior judge receiving special treatment not available to the masses.

Murders may make front page headlines but unless especially heinous, won’t attract much attention… we’ve come to expect murders with the same mind as expecting our next meal.

Children getting chewed up by dogs are as common as dog shit on the streets. The penalty for such, to the owners, is a mere $200, and not even an apology to victim or family, much less offers of medical expenses … what hopes then for compensation?

The State condones paedophilia when a 52 years old man gets a 12 years old girl pregnant and not a word is said in protest. why? He’s Muslim and ‘married’ her with the State’s blessings. Possibly a hint that insanity is on the rise as well.

Oh well, is Trini land and Gord is a Trini, so I shouldn’t mess with divine will, less I get lightning bolts up my arse, as the Cap’n predicts so regularly. News or lightning bolts, one’s sure to do me in.