25 Jul 2012

Ethnic and race imbalance continues

Headlines this morning:

$1M cheque, blanked


(When is it ever?).

Khafra Khambon of the Emancipation Support Committee (ESC) says that $1M given to him to celebrate Emancipation is not enough. He has rejected this amount from the Government.

Oddly enough, comparisons are being made to Diwali celebrations where some $4M were allocated to celebrate Diwali… once again showing that race relations are always subjective, and likely continue to be competitive.

I recall though that Sat Maharaj once rejected a cheque for some thousands (not nearly close to $1M), for a ‘Hindu’ celebration… either Phagwa or Diwali, I am not sure which.

My ire is raised, not because this is seen as African vs Indian, but because I believe both should raise their own funds to hold any celebrations they may choose to have.

I recall that Mastana Bahar raised its own funds and prizes despite being neglected for years by the PNM Governments, who contributed with large open purses to Best Village, Scouting for Talent (both seen as ‘African’ programs despite occasional crossovers). Indians prospered despite the obvious bias by the PNM governments.

I don’t condone any bias by this ‘Indian’ (let’s face it, this is what it is seen to be) Government, but can one blame them for years of neglect and an attempt now to correct a perceived imbalance?