18 Jul 2012

Express Censorship–alive and well

My response to this article: http://bit.ly/LxJYIF

The police (duncey) service... where we dump the intellectual dregs of our society. The place where you can't be recruited if you have A levels or a degree because you'll be 'overqualified' (remember the recruitment process in Skinner Park?).

The place to join when you exit school with 3 O levels (possibly 5), or a school leaving certificate (as the older boys in charge have).

The place where you can sit in air conditioned police posts and cars, and collect a salary for doing nothing. Where you can use your employers transport to tackle women, where you can beat a man into a confession, where you can direct a person to another street and write a charge there because you can't spell the name of the street the incident took place...

The place where you are allowed, in your uniform, to sit in a bar, with your assigned vehicle outside, bold as brass, to have a drink...

The place you can set up a man because you want his woman. Where you can indulge in your sadistic streak to your hearts content because you have no accountability... where you can have your union defend you for all the ills you commit because they are mainly dunceys too and want the status quo as is...

Where a litany of complaints fall unto a toothless bulldog, herself known in inner circles for her bullying ways...

A place where you're given a 20% (of salary) monthly fee just for being employed.

In short, the dunceys service, the closest thing to paradise on earth for those who can't cut it in the 'real' world.

The Express’ response: Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.

Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs appeared before a police tribunal in San Fernando yesterday to give evidence in a disciplinary matter against president of the Police Social Welfare Association Sgt Anand Ramesar. The on-going matter stemmed from an incident which took place in the Tobago court when James Philbert was acting commissioner.

The allegation against Ramesar is that Philbert and ACP Raymond Craig were attending a criminal matter in the Tobago court when they saw Ramesar, also an attorney, representing an accused person in the same court. Yesterday’s hearing was held at the Police Complaint Department on Chacon Street, San Fernando. Both Craig and Gibbs attended. The matter did not go on as Ramesar reported ill. YW  [Trinidad Guardian]

Express response: Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.