4 Jul 2012

From a different time

Some tell me that Rock-crawlers no longer speak the local patois – even though I hear it on Rock-radio and TV all the time. It seems that Rock-crawlers now wish to be seen as speaking in some kind of ‘Americanised’ English. You get this most if you get to Tobago – so reminiscent of ‘Americanised Jamaican’ – so funny if you ever hear it.

[Map is clickable for a larger view.]

And I’m told rather sternly by some, that when I write in the local patois, “People don’t speak like that any more!!!” Writing in the local patois is incorrect and annoying to many. Tough!

Well – Rock-crawlers like their delusions and I allow them a few comforts. I’m distracting myself with Paul Keens-Douglas. Boy dis is so funny – as it was many years ago!