11 Jul 2012

How to be intellectually superior


This is a photo currently circulating on Facebook.

One person said, “The picture speaks of pure intelligence in a nutshell!! ♥

If you ever get your motives questioned...go back to basics of how we actually came into being and evolved, whether we were children of Adam or came from a tadpole. How we are now we got to be better than we were! And, if we are not then we ain’t progressing!

Just like progression cannot be attained from regression, nor can we attain civilization from devaluation of other human beings simply on our views of their appearances.”

Okay, maybe I’m alone here, but… if that is a logical answer, doesn’t it stand then that women who cover up (more and more) would then be intellectually superior? I mean, all women in Burquas, bilbabs, etc should be in Mensa!

*Shaking my head in disbelief.*