19 Jul 2012

If Everybody would just listen to me

I said it! I’ll say it again. “Everybody leave NOW"! – while you have life and limb.

Why wait until it’s too late? It’s been a terrible tragedy for the Hua family. For those who haven’t been following, it was a Bloodbath! [Reminds me of a Jamaican cuss word]. See: Shot in the heart.

You don’t know about any of this? See: Hua Family Flees to China – which means they found it safer in bledy China!! Chrysst!!

But it’s too late for them, I’m truly sorry to say. The deceased would have toiled and sweated for years on that Rock, I imagine. They did not deserve to die like that.

You eh know whey to run to? No money for plane ticket? As ah said before, “Eef was me, I was buildin’ a raft and take orf on the open sea!”. Criminals own your land! You are a sitting duck waiting to be picked off. Find a way to leave. You need solutions? The Captain is here to help those who want to work on it. Those who want to work on excuses don’t contact me.