3 Jul 2012

Nightmare–not on Elm Street

I’m truly sorry for this woman and her husband.  So what? Will my sorrow change anything. Will anything change if I went dong to dee Rock tuh join een in dee fight against crime?

Newsday 2012-07-03 reports, The couple’s faces were covered with T-shirts and Jitta’s hands and feet were tied with an electrical cord. He was then dragged into a bedroom while his wife was kept in the living room.

Her husband, Bisnath, reportedly said,

We walked in the house to see these men in our home and one of them had a gun. I just saw this gun pointing towards us and I froze, then they told us to lie on the ground.

“I kept begging the men not to hurt us. I was crying so much and while on the floor, I could not see but I could feel like one of them just kept pointing the gun on my back. I thought at that moment, they were going to kill me. You know you read about these things and you hear it on the news and look now it happened to us.”

Yes – note carefully, he did not think it could happen to them. That is you – right now!

Many of you will look away now because you can’t stand to read these painful things. You need to protect your own sanity by hiding your head in the sand. You feel justified that preserving your sanity is what is required at this point in time. I say that your so-called need to protect your sanity is a cloak for your ignorance and stupidity. You’d rather look away now, and wait for the same situation to confront you at some point in the future. You will pray to your Gods – where was God when these people were being tormented? Oh – now you justify their suffering by thinking that they must have done something to deserve what they got. How stupid!

Extradite me – swear at me – do whatever you want, the facts will remain the same. “What facts?” you groan – that your risk of death by homicide (murder in common parlance) is 30 times that in the UK. And if you escape that risk, your risk of death by crash dummy is 43 times that in the UK. Look away now: How you value your life – or not. You want me to give you a solution? When your back is to the wall, break dong dee wall, jump over the wall, dig under the wall – run!! Survival is your first priority!! Build dat raft!! Some jackass want tuh know what tuh do wid dee raft. Boy – I eh able nuh.. I eh able!!

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