22 Jul 2012

Of the sad and the glad

I was just about to go out and spruce up my mechanical four wheel carriage for this afternoons long journey. However, I happened upon this article which then glued me to this keyboard and chair.

What’s so striking about this front-page photo and headline, you wonder? It’s about tales of opposites!! Chrysst! Get a brain.

On the top half of the photo are the bereaved family of the Hu family who will be fleeing to China fearful for their lives on a certain god-forsaken Rock. On the lower half of the page is a story of lawyers gleefully rubbing their hands having struck gold!

Oh dear – you’re about to tell me that they are entirely different issues; as if to infantilise me – as if I can’t see it – to tell me the obvious. Well save yourself the effort. Yes. .yes.. I know these opposites happen and are right to happen etc etc.

But you don’t know this land like I do. It’s a land where criminals rule, from ‘money-criminals’ in the local parlance – to real criminals. Not to worry – I know you like eet soooooo! Stay dong, Go dong, Go back.. you deserve this land.