21 Jul 2012

Sorite’s Paradox… or when you lorse, yuh win.

Jack Warner is a man who has been losing at every turn… but according to him, he has been winning at every turn. How is this possible?

Jack’s understanding of facts, or possibly his interpretation of these facts, may be skewed as only a Rock Crawler can misunderstand/spin.

This blog has, over the years, published many indiscretions of Jack Warner, but more importantly, it has published many a dark story wherein this man has been slipperier than that elusive eel. In fact, this blog doesn’t have room to rehash the many foibles Jack committed, like giving his sons concessions contracts to sell at World Cup football events, like selling tickets for World Cup events through his own travel agency, black marketing World Cup tickets (all established facts).

But Jack is in a league of his own… not only is he forever slipping out of the grasp of justifiable punishment, he also IGNORES (when caught) court orders, complaints and many more efforts to pin him down. He cannot be brought to account, merely because he thumbs his flattened nose at everyone else. Those who give up go back to sniffing at his pants, hoping to get a little excrement to lick, but others who do not give up find themselves battling the public, a government fully in support of the man, a Prime Minster who’s lifeline seem to hang from Jack’s navel, and Jack himself.

But ultimately, Jack is a paradox… a Sorite’s Paradox to be precise. At what point is Jack ultimately seen as corrupt? I mean, this man has already been proven guilty of so many malfeasances, it’s no longer a laughing matter.  Yet, he is continually praised, held as an exemplar, feted, honoured… I mean, a more-than-classic example of ‘crime does pay’.

Now, despite a forced resignation from FIFA over corruption (Jack’s), the partial clearing of Mohamed Bin Hammam seem to be a ‘victory’ for Jack… how?

At a news conference at the Ministry of National Security in Temple Court on Abercromby Street, Port of Spain on Thursday, Warner said he felt "relieved" and vindicated after CAS annulled the ban on bin Hammam. [Express]

But though my head is aching from the spin, the deceit, the lies, I shall continue to monitor Jack like a patient monitors cancer. Hopefully, enough evidence shall present itself for an excision.