24 Jul 2012

What a disappointment

Martin Joseph, the ‘dulahin’ of the Manning-led PNM Government, has shown some balls, albeit in the midst of a tremendous amount of stupidity.

Now, I know people might take offence to that statement, and others which follow, but I make no apologies for two reasons:

  1. These are my honest thoughts.
  2. Many of you will be thinking the same thing, but don’t have the balls to fess up to admitting that.

Joseph resisted an armed bandit, fighting back to ‘defend’ his home and property.

Now, keep in mind that Joseph was the former Minister of National ‘Insecurity’ under the Manning-led regime (for almost 8 years), head of the security forces, and point-man on stopping or at least, arresting, crime. On all fronts, he was a failure, as much as a diaper failing to contain the shit poured into it. But as head of national security, Joseph learnt nothing, such as to cooperate with an armed intruder and keep yourself, and loved ones, safe.

So, in one way, he is rather lucky his arse wasn’t capped (shot), while in another, the country lucked out. Because I always say, it is only when the ‘big boys’ (Joseph is a little man, see photo on left – third from left) fall prey, then someone with the authority will move. I’m willing for Joseph to be the sacrificial lamb, so to speak.

So on two fronts, I feel let down by Joseph… three if you count his abysmal failure as Minister. What a disappointment this morning.