8 Aug 2012

Carrying the nation’s national security in a purse

I could not help but note that minister Jack Warner (there is a reason for minister instead of Minister, it’s not a typo) is in company with a fellow “Trickydadian”.


The Lt Governor of the State of Florida, Jennifer Carroll, is a Trinidadian-born American politician who is the 18th and current Lieutenant Governor of the U.S. state of Florida.

You might ask me why I describe her as a “Trickydadian”, until you read her Wiki profile which says:

“She received a Master of Business Administration degree from unaccredited Kensington University in 1995.”

From the link above:

Kensington University was an unaccredited distance education institution that was based at different times in Hawaii and California. It was shut down by court order in Hawaii and California, following U.S. news media reports that high-ranking government officials received degrees from the school and other similar diploma mills.

The school was founded in 1976 by Alfred Calabro in Glendale, California, as a "no fat, no bull" correspondence school. The university was housed entirely in a Glendale office that also contained Calabro's law practice. Kensington awarded bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in a wide range of fields. California regulators said that Kensington handed out degrees "which may have little, if any, academic value" and perpetrated a "fraud on the public". State investigators found that the school awarded doctoral degrees after as little as four months' work which consisted of reading magazine articles. Following a protracted legal battle, Kensington University was ordered shut down by the California courts in 1996, and the school shifted its operations to Oahu, Hawaii, where it was shut down by court order in Hawaii in 2003.

Mrs Carroll was forced to resign from the National Commission on Presidential Scholars, after a CBS investigation raised questions about her degree.

She recently made worldwide headlines after being caught in a ‘compromising’ position with a female aide and said thereafter, that 'black women that look like me don't engage in relationships like that', referring of course, to the lesbian act, drawing the ire of the GLTB community.

My information on the Lt Governor is not the main focus of this post though. It is merely background, so you readers can see that when Jack Warner allied himself with her, he really found like kin.

Jack is in the news for stating that the Lt Governor is providing him with crime tips. [Coincidently, the bit.ly shortened link has “SFFTU” in it. Gawd is watching, innit?]

“Warner said, he would use anti-crime fighting tips he received from Carroll, whom he spoke with on Monday morning.

"Just yesterday morning, when we spoke at length at my Ministry, I prevailed upon you to also include some anti-crime fighting initiatives, and in fact a while ago, while sitting next to you told me you had it in your purse."

"Therefore, Governor, I thank you for the advice you have given me on how to fight crime and this long-awaited, so-called Warner crime plan will be the crime plan for Trinidad and Tobago, Governor."

What I find funny, and as I posted on the Express (and which has been deleted):

Looking up the Governor in the 'Web', I found out she was a machinist and Aviation Maintenance Officer in the US Navy. Which makes her less of an expert on Security than even the suddenly silent 'Captain' Griffith.

I also found out she has 2 Masters in Business Administration from two unaccredited universities, putting her in the league of such nobles as Rambachan, Cuffie etc.

Boy, this country never ceases to amaze me how dotish things could get. Just when you think they reached an all time low....

Yes, you read right. The Lt Governor was a mechanic in the Navy. So, we had a common soldier being the chief security adviser in the country (and wooing the daughter of then Prime Minister “Red Beret”). Now we have a mechanic writing crime plans literally overnight and carrying them around in public in her purse. Someone say national security?