21 Aug 2012

Celebrate good time, come on!


7 murders in one weekend, the Eid weekend too. A religious time where men and women) are encouraged to put past differences aside and live in harmony.

Obviously, it didn’t work.. and it doesn’t work. Religion that is.

But the Ministry of National Security believes that having a crime plan of prayer will work, and thus have engaged the major faiths and faithful to have a week of prayer.

In the meantime, duncey Stephen Williams (oops, I forget he have degree and ting)… In the meantime, educated duncey Stephen Williams claims that SOON an assault on crime will be coming.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams yesterday assured the public that the police will soon be embarking on an aggressive initiative aimed at preventing violent crimes.

Williams admitted he was concerned about the number of murders and violent crimes and said he has given instructions to all police divisions to put measures in place aimed at preventing such criminal activities from occurring.

So, as we have been hearing, crime plan WILL come, action WILL take place, results WILL happen… except we have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting… Thank Gawd I haven’t been waiting to exhale.

The country rejected and ejected a CoP with 21st century policing ideas, and brought in a duncey who trained, grew up and rose within the same corrupt system that he has to fix. His experience of something good from the outside is minimal, if at all existent.

But the cynic in me sees fawk all being done, a murder rate continuing to rise, detection rate remaining less than 4 percent, and a conviction rate remaining less than 0.5%.

So celebrate! The departure of Gibbs and Ewatski has resulted in an IMMEDIATE jump in murders and the police dunceys are sitting with their thumbs up their arses and wigging them in there… nice feeling, innit?