5 Aug 2012


DenialThis morning, while perusing the news on the Rock, I noticed a pattern. A pattern of deniability.

Like the ostrich proverbially burying its head in the sand, the Rock Crawlers find ways and means to justify the stupidest of comments and factual data.

Take the ‘new’ Acting Commissioner of Police, who came out with the same old nonsense… in the face of contrary evidence, from his own duncey statistical department (no longer accessible to the public when it was discovered this conflicted with what was being fed to the public), and by the CSO and newspapers.

“Williams said statements that crime had risen were being pushed via social and traditional media.

He said: "2012 is not worse than 2011."

"In future, I hope statements like 'spiralling out of control' will not be made," Williams said.”

Not only is this Ag CoP coming across as a ‘Yes man’ in his very first public statement, he is also blatantly twisting facts to an obvious (and dotish) end… to deny the truth which is bad for the images of both duncey service and the Government.

Detection rates remain low and have historically been a weak area in the local service, he [Williams] said, and this is largely due to a lack of trust by the public.

Funny statement, that. I actually thought the lack of trust by the public was because of the low detection rate, the frame ups, the extra-judicial killings, the attitudes of the dunceys (who I may once more add, can barely string a coherent sentence together), and extra-“careercular” activities such as drinking in bars, gambling down by Smokey’s in Ramai Trace (with police vehicles parked outside, so the station has none), chasing manicou, chasing women, etc etc.

Deniability, nuh.

Then we have the whole ‘Govament’ denying that Therese Cornelis-Baptiste made us a laughing stock in front of the whole UN, maybe the whole world by now.

Sunity Maharaj has a fine article on deniability… reprinted below for convenience.

Painful but Precious in Its Truth

The truth is that we are a people easily fooled, not because we're not smart, but because of our capacity for self-delusion as a means of escape from the effort required to act on our own behalf.

It is the hallmark of our disempowerment that we are willing to accept that our world is completely beyond our control, rather than exert ourselves to let change in. So much better that we start from early to line up the bobolees to beat when things go wrong. As they surely will.

Rock Crawlers may bury their heads in the sand, but as I’ve said many a time, it merely leaves another part of the anatomy exposed. When that gets attacked, don't say you weren’t warned.