23 Aug 2012

Disbelief: Are they really this dotish?

This is no joke: Every time I think things can’t go lower or more ridiculous on the Rock, I am proven wrong. Is like Murphy’s Law was written specifically to deal with the Rock. This stupidity gets worse daily it seems.

Take for example this morning news headline: GOVT MEETS GANG LEADERS

After reading this story, I was filled with a sense of outrage as well as disbelief. I recall the reaction of this current government (when they were the Opposition) to Patrick Manning doing the same thing. There were days, if not weeks, of condemnation, insults, insinuations, regarding the move to negotiate peace.

And yet here we have Jack Warner, apparently Patrick Manning wannabe, doing exactly the same thing.

What I cannot understand though, is that in order to have meetings with these gang leaders, said leaders must be identified (either by third parties or by admission), in order to attend the negotiations/meetings. The question then arises in my mind is "why are these gang leaders not being held/charged under the anti-gang legislation?"

It is only common sense… If someone admits to or is identified as belonging to a gang, then the legislation ought to be used for the purpose it is intended… to capture, arrest and convict members of gangs; including the heads of such gangs.

This approach might need too simplistic for Jack Warner, who has a tendency to compound every situation with complexities.

Anand Ramlogan too is a jackass of the first order… Imagine saying that the anti-gang legislation is working:

DESPITE public criticisms in many quarters over the failure by law enforcement agencies to successfully employ the anti-gang legislation during last year’s state of emergency, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan disagrees and says the legislation has served the purpose for which it was enacted — as a deterrent and psychological weapon against gang-related activity.

We must be careful not to lionise or glorify career criminals bent on illegal enterprise because when we do so we hold them out worthy of emulation for young people,” he said.

The video above is a Channel 4 documentary done by reporter Seyi Rhodes called: Trinidad: Guns, Drugs and Secrets.

It is a partial look into the world that we choose to ignore. But it is one which has to be tackled to return us to law and order, to the ‘old’ days when men looked out for his neighbour.

We will never however, return to any semblance of law and order, or the rule of law being supreme while the likes of Warner and Ramlogan twist the laws and Constitution to their own purposes. Quote me on that.