9 Aug 2012

Express Post

Geez, I ask for evidence that prayer works and I getting thumbs dong?

I repeat myself:

Allyuh praying for decades, day in, day out, night time too. Allyuh praying while getting kidnapped, robbed, beaten, chopped, raped, murdered in all kinda styles and fashion, and crime still going up... but allyuh still seeing that as the solution to crime?!

Allyuh prayiing before and after too. Allyuh praying at funerals, in churches, mosques, gurdwaras, in taxis, by de roadside, in canefields, ricefields, lagoon, city, streets, allyuh wearing white and lying on de road, allyuh meeting by people house to pray,...

I cyah even remember the many ways allyuh praying... and so far I see no evidence even 1 prayer, whether from child, woman, man, sadhu, priest, imam, rabbi, teacher, police, minister,.... worked.


So again, I asking "Where is de evidence prayer works... cause I missed it!!